The hot-spot for Transnational Education in the Caribbean

"Bon Bini" (Welcome) to Curaçao, we have a lot to offer you!


Curaçao is a hot-spot for Transnational Education in the Caribbean. It is the base of several TNE institutions and facilities offering a wide range of programs to students from Europe, the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. The government of Curaçao supports the development of the Transnational Education on the island. It has adopted the UNESCO guidelines for quality provision in cross-border higher education and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information between the institutions and relevant economic sectors.

A large number of Transnational Education institutions and knowledge organisations are located in the area between the airport and the centre of the capital city Willemstad. This clustering of knowledge-intensive and creative companies and organizations facilitates the exchange of information and ideas. This website provides students with an overview of institutions established in Curaçao and the programs and diplomas they offer and the accreditation they hold. Secondly, this website provides information to new institutions interested in establishing on the island.

About Curaçao

Curaçao: the Bridge between the Americas and the European Union. Curaçao offers a unique mix of sun, sea and sand combined with a diversified economy and internationally renowned festivals.

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The educational sector on Curaçao is governed by the principle of freedom of education. This means everyone can start a school and is allowed to choose a school of his liking. Therefore, TNE institutions can establish themselves freely on the island. The following institutions hold a charter issued by the Government of Curaçao. Curaçao highly recommends TNE institutions to be accredited by an approved institution.

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The Government of Curaçao has approved a TNE policy in 2015, creating a formal structure for a development which has been in progress for quite some time. Over the past decade in the area between the airport and Otrobanda various knowledge based organisations have established themselves and the government would like to expand on this development. By expanding this development, Curaçao aims to attract the creative class.

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